Westside gynecology and its services

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Since Westside Gynecology first opened its doors to patients in the New York metropolitan region, more than three decades have passed. As an abortion clinic in New York, we are committed to providing services to women between 5 and 24 weeks pregnant with the care of the greatest possible quality.

Our helpful crew comprises people who care about others and are committed to providing excellent customer service. You may reach us at the number provided now if you have any queries or would like to chat with an experienced health care professional. You can count on us to support you.

Physician-owned and operated.

Westside Gynecology stands apart from most other gynecological and abortion clinics in the New York metropolitan region because it is privately owned and run by medical professionals. Our facility is administered with the patients’ best interests in mind, in contrast to many other clinics owned by non-medical business individuals, and has rules centered primarily on the bottom line. We provide comprehensive abortion procedures to meet the requirements of our patients, in addition to giving treatments in the areas of contraception and gynecology.

New York abortion clinic

Our medical staff members have been chosen not just for their proficiency in their field but also for their unwavering commitment to placing the welfare of their patients ahead of their own. Eastside gets referrals from doctors, hospitals, and other health care institutions located across the tri-state area. This is because our high level of professionalism and sensitivity to the patient is widely recognized in the community.

Fees, payments & coverage

Our office submits claims to a wide variety of insurance companies and HMOs, the most notable of which are UnitedHealthcare, Oxford, AETNA, Cigna, GHI, BC/BS, and Medicaid. We take all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, and have competitively priced services.

When you use your private insurance, a billing advocate from Westside will individually meet with you and organize all of your insurance requirements to serve you best.