Week 24

This week was primarily New York- one of our most favorite states! The terrain was mostly nice with just a few isolated rocky sections, the views were nice, the people were nice, the creameries were nice… everything was just great about NY. There were playgrounds on the trail for playtime, lots of food options, and many recreational areas. It kind of felt touristy vs wilderness, which was a fun change of pace.

Week 23

Massachusetts and Connecticut just get kind of lumped together this week because they’re both so short. It felt nice to get 2 whole states done in such a short amount of time! Both states were slightly rocky, had some cute towns, and some really pretty views. These are some of the last “big” mountains we’ll see for a while. We’ve also entered tick territory and my oh my were they bad in CT. We had to do a necessary stop in Kent to treat our clothes with Permethrin. While we hate using the chemicals on our clothes, it’s a better solution than getting Lyme disease from these ridiculously tiny ticks that are so easy to overlook. Forget worrying about bears and moose, I’m most paranoid about the ticks!


Week 22

Goodbye wonderful state of VT. We will miss you! Massachusetts greeted us with Mt. Greylock- the tallest peak in MA. It was hot which made it pretty rough, but otherwise it was a wonderful hike. We’re all doing well other than a few minor blisters, aches and pains. Ellie is learning to repeat words which has been super cute. Other than mom, dad, and no- “backpack” is her most recognizable word! How appropriate.


Week 21


Oh Vermont, how we love you already! We left NH with a bang in Hanover as it rained and we went to the movie theatre to watch Dispicable Me 3. Hilarious! Then we crossed the border and were greeted with so much love from the locals! Our spirits have been lifted.


The mountains here are gentle, the weather is warm with cool nights and mornings, and the rocks are (mostly) gone. I love this state!


Week 20

Our last week in NH was a blast. We got to our halfway point at Mt. Moosilauke! Then from Moosilauke, we felt like we could fly! We literally ran down the backside of the mountain as we watched the rocks disappear! The last 20 miles as we crossed into VT were glorious. Our legs could stretch out and we started planning 15-17 mile days in comparison to 10-12 mile days. We feel incredibly accomplished as we just completed the 2 hardest states on the AT with Ellie riding along. Every white blaze crossed!

Week 19


Our thru hike went from depressing in Maine to spectacular once we hit New Hampshire! We have been LOVING the Whites. The huts have been fun to visit, the trail is taken care of(even though still really rough), and the views are simply beyond belief. All 3 of us are thriving. Back to loving the AT again!

Week 18


While NH isn’t any easier, it FEELS easier just because we know what we’re capable of doing in New England! We’re a lot more confident walking on the rocks and facing more diverse weather patterns. We have to keep a super close watch on the weather because there are miles on miles of exposed ridge lines where the weather can knock you off your feet. We experienced this briefly in Maine and never want it to happen again. Thankfully, the huts in the Whites post the weather every day. The views are simply amazing up here. I can’t believe we’re up here, backpacking with a toddler, in some of the most beautiful mountains I have EVER been in!