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Welcome to our site about our family Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Ellie, Derrick, and Bekah are starting our 2,185 mile flip-flop hike in March 2017 starting and ending in their home state, Virginia. We have dreamed of this trip for years, and never imagined taking a 12 month old baby with us! She will make AT history and will be the youngest person on record to complete the trail with mom and dad.

We’ll post pre-trip preparations and updated stories and pictures once we hit the trail, but no promises how frequent those may be as electronic usage will be minimal! We hope you enjoy following our story.


Derrick Quirin



Bekah Quirin



Ellie Quirin


14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey guys, praying for you as you embark on this great adventure. I am sure there will be lots of challenges but there will be many more joys. So happy for you! With much love, Bill Pfister


  2. Praying for safety for you guys, what a wonderful adventure. So amazing how far you’ve come. God’s is so amazing. Praising Him


  3. Hi Ellie, I hope you enjoy your trip 🙂 Even if you won`t remember it. You have very great and brave parents!
    All the best and sunshine every day from Germany
    X Finchen


  4. It’s a long and adventurous journey. Brings back memories the feature story that I read in NG years ago. I would love to see more photos. All the best and keep safe.


  5. You guys are such an inspiration! :] If you ever had the time, I would love to read some too/tricks, supply/equipments lists. We hike, and backpack with our daughter, but haven’t been brace enough to do anything even a fraction as adventurous as this!


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