Week 3

Week 3

We had to hop off the trail the last couple of days last week due to snow, 70 mph winds, and temps in the teens in Grayson Highlands State Park in Damascus, VA. We got off for 2 days and went home since we were only a couple of hours away. Momma Nienke picked us up and we were certainly happy to have our first zero days to relax after 2 weeks on the trail!


When we got back on the trail, Kanga’s friend, Kelli, joined on the trail. It was awesome having the extra company and extra hands to help with Ellie. While Ellie is mostly easy, it’s still difficult and extra help is always appreciated. She crossed the VA/TN line with us! Goodbye VA! See you at the end! The weather has finally warmed up and we are enjoying sitting in the sun getting vitamin D each day.


The hiker hunger is setting in like crazy. We eat and eat and eat… and our bodies always want more food! Thankfully, Ellie doesn’t get hiker hunger, too! We’ve entered into the NOBO bubble of hikers and it’s been really fun meeting them. We’ll get to pass them all again when we flip up to Maine in June.


We hit 200 miles this week and we’re feeling super positive. The sunshine always helps!


3 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. So many families, Wait for there kid to grow up to do stuff! So the kids can remember it. Your daughter may not remember this but she is having a ball right now. And you will remember it for ever. And I think what your daughter will remember is her parents were always with her ! Great job Mom and Dad.


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