Day 5- Resupply day! 

We left the tears from Bailey Gap where they belonged- in the Gap! We walked a few short miles down along Stony Creek where we met our moms for our first resupply. They greeted us with hot chili, fresh salad and fruit, corn bread, and toys for Ellie to play with!! It was much needed and refreshing! We left feeling renewed and uplifted.

After spending a couple of hours with them, we hugged goodbye and continued up to the VA- WV line. On the Ridge we feasted on fresh new snacks while Ellie played in the leaves and sunshine. The rest of the day was on a beautiful easy ridge with our most rewarding campsite yet- an open bald called Symms Gap. 

We hit a hiker high and had an amazing evening- our best day yet! And to top it off, we had delicious spaghetti for dinner that filled our bellies! 

52 thoughts on “Day 5- Resupply day! 

  1. Wife and I were just talking about the years raising the kids when your posts came in, such fun for us seeing a young family enjoying that very short time together. We are looking forward to hearing about your continued adventures! God Bless!

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  2. Hey just wanted to ask if you carry liquid Benadryl? My 11 mo old grand baby had a horrible food allergy to a new food (scrambled eggs) and it would have been very bad had we not gotten the Benadryl into his system. We now know he is allergic to dairy, legumes, peas carrots, nuts, milk and eggs the worst so far.

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  3. OMG we must meet. My name is Jess. My husband Bryan and I are planning to hike a portion of the AT from VA to MA with 10 week old baby Z this year, before we start grad school at HKS in July. We embark 4/15 from Rockfish Pass. We would love to host you when you get to MA. My email


  4. You three rock! I totally love following your blog! Hopefully I get to meet up with you somewhere on the trail in NH. Hugs… Mtnmama

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  5. Hi!! We’re wondering what pack you guys are using to carry the baby? We hike with our 6 month and we use a poco plus by osprey, your’s looks like it has more storage capacity.

    Trail on!


  6. I just discovered your blog, and I love it! Our family (with a 4 year old, 1 year old, and baby on the way) is very active outdoors, and I’m looking forward to following your adventure.


  7. Hi! Just read about your trip in Backpacker. My husband and I hiked the Colorado trail with our 3 kids last summer (ages 15, 11, and 11). Not as epic as the AT with a baby, but an unforgettable experience. So worth all of the challenges. Good luck to you!!


  8. This is the most pure, wonderful blog I have stumbled upon in such a long time! My roommate and I dream of hiking the trail and have been working towards it for a while now. So happy to have found your story and excited to follow along your adventure. Happy Hiking!


  9. What a marvellous adventure. It clearly shows that even with a child one can go out and truly challenge themselves and enjoy what the world offers.


  10. Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic blog!!! What an adventure for your family!! I can’t wait to read more about it!!


  11. I truly believe infants “get it” and adapt to their environments. You are raising a hiker-in-the-making and I salute your adventurous travels. Safety first. Enjoy the journey.


  12. I had this school assignment where I had to comment on a no-school-blog related and yours definitely left me speechless! I find really entertaining the way you, day by day, describe your family adventures. I really look forward to day 6 and see what Ellie will do! It’s nice to see how happy you guys are, instead of having the usual stress of new-born families and if you’d like another adventure in the future, The Upper Peninsula in Michigan is perfect! Here’s a link:


  13. I love seeing a family willing to see what is possible (with all due safety considerations taken of course) rather than be limited by what others may see as impossible or worse, why try? My oldest daughter, multiple disabilities but many more abilities, at 18 months, went with us on many adventures in her young age, including a six day raft trip on the San Juan River with our fellow whitewater guide-friends and, after getting the first wheel chair back country permit (for the first special needs stroller, the Baby Jogger adapted version) in Yellowstone (1990 was still early days for the ADA), going backpacking on the Shoshone Basin trail, and horseback riding in the Wind River Rangel Looking forward to more posts!


  14. Best of luck with the rest of the AT. You are providing your children with a unique experience, exploring the trail like this. You face a range of emotions in such travels, separating yourself from the modernity of everyday life and getting back to nature, but it is an enlightening and worthwhile venture that truly changes your life for the better, bringing you a self-awareness that is beyond anything else. Best of travels, and first and foremost, may the trail conditions and weather be in your favor!


  15. Hello Quirin Family!

    We’re the Ferry Family from Lambertville, NJ! We’re a family of 5 (soon to be 6 in December!) Dad and Mom and kids ranging in ages from 4 to 15months.

    You’re Instagram came up as a “suggested” follow and wow! So happy we looked into it. What an amazing adventure! You two (three including Ellie 😊) are such an encouragement to others parents (ehem…us! ☺️) to truly get the young ones outside hiking!

    So excited to hear more about it! May God continue to bless your journey and keep your travels safe!

    The Ferrys

    PS-Mama Quirin, where did you buy your hiking skirt? What brand is it?


  16. So inspiring, I was wondering how you handle those physically exhausting hard times especially with a child, and I guess from this post you just smile stay happy and move on, what a great day it looked 😀👍


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