Day 5- Resupply day! 

We left the tears from Bailey Gap where they belonged- in the Gap! We walked a few short miles down along Stony Creek where we met our moms for our first resupply. They greeted us with hot chili, fresh salad and fruit, corn bread, and toys for Ellie to play with!! It was much needed and refreshing! We left feeling renewed and uplifted.

After spending a couple of hours with them, we hugged goodbye and continued up to the VA- WV line. On the Ridge we feasted on fresh new snacks while Ellie played in the leaves and sunshine. The rest of the day was on a beautiful easy ridge with our most rewarding campsite yet- an open bald called Symms Gap. 

We hit a hiker high and had an amazing evening- our best day yet! And to top it off, we had delicious spaghetti for dinner that filled our bellies! 

5 thoughts on “Day 5- Resupply day! 

  1. Wife and I were just talking about the years raising the kids when your posts came in, such fun for us seeing a young family enjoying that very short time together. We are looking forward to hearing about your continued adventures! God Bless!


  2. Loving following this adventure with you all!! Praying for you & this precious family time!!! What an amazing gift you are giving Ellie!!!


  3. I just find out a family friend is hiking the AP, I immediately thought about you guys. Enjoy your adventure! We are cheering for you!


  4. Hey just wanted to ask if you carry liquid Benadryl? My 11 mo old grand baby had a horrible food allergy to a new food (scrambled eggs) and it would have been very bad had we not gotten the Benadryl into his system. We now know he is allergic to dairy, legumes, peas carrots, nuts, milk and eggs the worst so far.


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