Day 4- Rocks and Tears

Today was rough… rougher than rough! Our bodies aren’t used to the constant physical demand, we haven’t gotten in a pattern with Ellie’s needs yet, and the terrain was extremely rocky. We saw more Rocks than I ever want to see again. However I believe there are a lot more rocks in our future! The mileage was the highest today, too, at 14.5 miles. 

Snack break- the best part of the day!

When we got to the bottom of the Valley at the end of the day, I expected to see the beloved shelter we had been waiting for. And it wasn’t there. Ellie was upset, I was upset that Ellie was upset, my body wanted to just fall over from soreness! So I stopped in the trail, looked back at Derrick and just cried. I wanted the day to be over! We kept going and half a mile later, the shelter appeared. We stayed at Bailey Gap that night, and hope to never have to sleep in a shelter again! It was filled with mice and was very cold and drafty compared to the cozy tent. 
Tomorrow we get a resupply from our moms, which will be SO uplifting! We need to be renewed after this day! 

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