Day 1- And we’re off! 

Ok so I know it’s day 8 and not day 1. We have a written journal that we’ll transfer to our blog as a day by day entry as we get the time and Internet to do so! 

Photo: Kenton Steryous

It’s finally here! Our life dream of hiking the AT has started! Today was a solid 12.3 miles. A lofty start considering we rolled into camp about 6:30 pm, but we made it and we’re still pumped with adrenaline! Our family and local friends came to send us off in Catawba at Rte 311. Ellie had a rough start with a MASIVE poop in the parking lot. I mean all over everything. But with the help of her Pawpaw, we managed to get all cleaned up. From there we spend the next 9 hours getting to Pickle Branch Shelter. The terrain today was difficult around Dragon’s Tooth, but everything else was smooth. Ellie slept most of the day so who knows if she’ll sleep tonight. It’s warm tonight around 50 degrees. 

Photo: Kenton Steryous

Best part of the day- the BIG open grassy meadows! They’re heaven! 

10 thoughts on “Day 1- And we’re off! 

  1. What a wonderful thing to do as a young family! Best of luck to you and I’ll be logging in to keep up with your progress. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!


  2. Glad to see a picture of the pack for Ellie, as it looks like it would protect her if you fall. (Everyone is bound to fall at least once hiking the AT!) Although, Sacajawea carried her son using a baby board, portrayed on the back of the dollar coin no longer in circulation. Best of luck! We will be following you and recommending your site to others.


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